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My husband and I finally went on our “honeymoon” nearly 4 years late when we ventured to Iceland this past March. Admittedly, Iceland is somewhere that I’d also like to expand my business one day for so I simultaneously used it as an opportunity to location scout for possible future endeavors as an Iceland Elopement and Wedding Photographer. Because my husband and I eloped ourselves on top of a hill in a mountainous location, Iceland’s beautiful landscapes definitely appeal to me for something similar in the future. So I’m just going to put this out there that if you are thinking about having your wedding in Iceland or if you’re thinking about eloping in Iceland, I’m definitely here to be your personal photographer if and whenever you make the jump.

Iceland is a place that my husband and I have talked about visiting since we started dating. As a child growing up and traveling all over North America (and having been to some parts of Europe and South America as well), I can easily say that Iceland’s gorgeous countryside has everything I adore in every place that I’ve ever been into one location: Beautiful, lush countryside through the rolling hills, dramatic mountainous backdrops, hugely characteristic and historic seaside cliffs, dreamy waterfalls behind every corner, completely open skies… the list goes on. One thing that I especially loved about this country was the amazing fields of lava rock covered in moss. It is a landscape I’ve never seen anywhere else in my entire life. Not to mention I’m completely drawn in by the culture of the people that live there and I’ve been listening to Sigur Ros non-stop since we got back (if you haven’t heard of them, I highly recommend).

As I’ve told almost everyone about our trip, after visiting Iceland I really don’t care to visit any other country in the world anymore. I’m not even saying that to be funny or sarcastic. It is literally that breathtaking and it is such an escape from reality, I can’t even put into words how much of a dream that country really is.

So, like I said… if you are thinking about eloping or marrying in Iceland, don’t think twice. And if you’re thinking about bringing a photographer along with you, I would be absolutely honored and thrilled to be a part of your special day (just be sure you contact me in time so I can get the appropriate work permits). I would also love to recommend locations for your portraits in some of the beautiful areas that we got to explore. Iceland literally feels like a second home for me now, and I would be sure that you did not regret your decision if you chose to have me join you on your life adventure.

In the meantime, please enjoy some of these shots that I took. These are only a few of my favorites out of the thousands. Imagine you and your fiancé in these frames while you’re at it…

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